Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Middle Class and Working Poor in NEPA:

Stop being stubborn and vote with your wallets!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A racist encounter by an 8-year old?

Just another day in NEPA.

I spent tonight hanging out with my niece. She needed some help catching up in science because she was sick and missed a day of school. I was more than happy to help her out because that's what uncles are for.

We spent an hour or so studying the differences between chemical changes and physical changes, doing an experiment, and reading the chapter. As the night progressed I could hear both our stomachs growling and decided to order some pizza. She got the last few questions right so she got to pick pepperoni as a topping (lucky for her because I was going with mushrooms).

We spent about 20 minutes anxiously waiting for our pizza to be done arriving at the pizza place a few minutes early. As we sat there watching Penn State beat up on Michigan, the sound of the oven door opening and closing brought a smile to my niece's face. She kept thinking our pie was ready. Not just yet. The next sound we hear is the bells on the front door ringing. A man enters.

The unfortunate event that transpired before our pizza could finish still brings a knot to my stomach as I write this. It's an increasingly typical situation that develops in our area, but this time it was different, it was in front of my 8-year old niece.

The man walks through the front door completely oblivious to us (and most likely everyone else on planet earth) and starts yelling "when Obama gets elected I'm goin' out and buyin' a turban" in a typical, loud, obnoxious manner.

I've heard worse, trust me. Besides, these kinds of comments have become trite in our area. I usually let these things roll of my back without much argument or incident writing them off to complete ignorance, but today it was different. My 8-year old niece had to hear it.

As this middle aged guy makes his way to the counter my first instinct is to see what my niece's reaction was. Luckily she had no clue that a bigot just made a crude remark. I'm glad she doesn't know or question why he would want to buy a turban. I'm wondering what kind of fire he will breathe next. I sit on the edge of my seat trying to remain calm telling myself not to make a scene in front of her.

He goes on to tell the guys at the shop some kind of story, but all I can listen for is one word. I know if one specific word is uttered in front of my 8-year old niece all hell will break loose. It's a very significant word that is used occasionally by my fellow white brethren. Often it's used without thinking twice, usually by white middle aged loudmouths. That's what has my worried.

I literally began to quiver, I can feel my blood pressure rise. I remind myself that my niece is sitting next to me and she still really doesn't know what's going on. Try not to make a scene he may not say anything else I remind myself.

The man finally pays and walks out the front door still oblivious to the fact that he made such a spiteful remark in front of a little girl.

He was oblivious to how close he came to making his racism problem our problem.

He had no clue that his words could have changed the course of everyone's night. I honestly don't know what would have happened if he crossed the line, I really don't.

What I do know is that if he did I would have a lot of explaining to do to an 8-year old little girl.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joe the Plumber Takes Second Place In Tonight's Debate

Barack Obama has officially won the third debate and John McCain is ever more cantankerous for it. According to a new CBS News poll 53 percent of uncommited voters thought Barack Obama won tonght's debate, with 22 percent giving McCain the unlikley nod.

Sen. McCain could not wipe the condescending, almost maniacal, grimace from his face as he debated Sen. Obama tonight. During many of Obama's retorts McCain could be seen grinning ear to ear as many of Obama's responses were given. Is Sen. McCain happy that nearly 50 million Americans don't have health insurance or that our economy is devestated? If not then why is he smiling while it is brought up?

It may be a moot point, or trivial to some, but to me* someone smiling at the idea of 50,000,000 Americans without health insurance is deeply troubling. (*I think I am what Gov. Palin would consider a "Joe Six Pack" although I'm not sure even she knows what is meant by a "Joe Six Pack").

Sen. Obama brought out the worst in Sen. McCain tonight likely making him appear uncomfortable and out of touch with all the other "Joe Six Packs" and "Hockey Moms" who watched the debate. McCain fumbled his words and minced his ideas clearly rattled by Obama's patience and lack of negativity.

McCain tried on several occasions to reduce the debate into a school yard he said/she said shouting match. He failed miserably. Obama showed that he has too much class to take the bait from Sen. McCain. Obama showed that it is more important to talk about issues. It was obvious who looked and acted presidential throughout the entire night. McCain's only memorable line was when he looked at Obama and told he should have run four years ago if he wanted to run against George W. Bush. To little to late.

Finally, Barack Obama talked about his association with William Ayers a former member of The Weather Underground, a radical group from the early 70's. He explained how a conservative Republican picked both himself and Ayers to be on an education board 30 or so years after Ayers affiliation with the group. Even though Obama has publicly condemned all actions taken by the group Sen. McCain uses his VP candidate to bring this topic up at rallies. According to Factcheck.org (a nonpartisan and nonprofit website) McCain's claims of Obama's relationship with Ayers "are seriously misleading".

McCain stuck to his guns (and kept away from the issues) during the final debate citing Ayers' living room as the place were Sen. Obama's political career took off. This is how Sen McCain demonstrates that Obama dosen't have enough character to be our President. It should be noted that the Factcheck.org website goes on to explain that the board also "includ[ed] one former Nixon administration official who has given $1,500 to McCain's campaign". If we were to use McCain's logic we can safely say that the McCain/Palin campaign is funded by people with relations to terrorists.

It amazes me that Sen. McCain always wants to talk about character when it is widely thought that he left his first wife because she had put on weight after a car accident.
Sen. McCain admits to committing adultry on numerous occasions while travleing around the world as Navy’s liaison to the Senate. In this article from 1999 Sen. McCain won't address the affair's directly only offering that he was "responsible for the breakup of [his] first marriage." That's the kind of character he displayed to his first wife who waited anxiously over 5 years for his safe return home from Vietnam.

I won't even mention some of the nefarious things that Cindy McCain has admitted to.

As I watched the debate and tried to picture both of these men as President of our great country I began to think more about what makes an effective President. Leadership, integrity, empathy, intelligence, financial pragmatism, these are all words that came to mind. I tried to establish who displayed these personal ideals during the debate. I did this because the final debate was a stage where one last tête-à-tête was taking place before our very eyes. I believe that in such circumstances true character is really displayed. No commercials with commentators or slants or gimmicks. Just the candidates, no more, no less.

We were fortunate to see who can handle the issues in a calm rational manner, a manner that is intrinsic in most Presidents. When the going gets tough sarcasm and false facts have no place in discourse. It is clear that after eight years of percieved international isolation and economic disaster our country would be voting more of the same into our highest office with Sen. John McCain. After the final debate it is clear who will take our country into the right direction and stand up for all the "Joe Six Pack" and "Joe Plumbers" out there. Sen. Barack Obama.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anonymous Terrorist in NEPA??

They go on the radio, write letters to the newspapers, but they never talk about issues that they agree or disagree with. I wish all those hateful people in NEPA would finally just say it. They go on and on and on about Barack Obama 's inferiority. They say he isn't qualified, they say we're not ready, they say he's a muslim, they say he's a terrorist, but they won't come out and say it.

They said what???

Someone yelled out "kill him" at a republican political rally? Literally "kill him" in referance to Barack Obama. Isn't that somehow illegal? What kind of person would say such a thing?

Was David Duke in the crowd?

George Wallace is dead.
Hitler is dead.
Strom Thurmond?

I don't recall anyone asking for John Kerry's head on a platter in 2004. That's odd. All they wanted to do to Clinton after he lied in court was impeach him. So why would someone say "kill him" when all Obama is guilty of is running a good campaign?
I wonder what happened to the anonymous coward who threatened Obama's life. If anyone were a terrorist I would think that someone threatening the life of a potential president would qualify.

Surely such an anonymous terrorist was arrested and sent to jail. Surely the good, patriotic people of NEPA held the person down until the police could arrest him. Hopefully they sent him to Guantanamo Bay with all the other terrorists. How does that anonymous terrorist think they can threaten the life of an American politician and get away with it? Especially in Scranton, Pennsylvania, coal country. This is one terorist that will beg for waterboarding after the people of NEPA get through with him.
The terrorist got loose?
He's on the run?
The good people on NEPA let a terrorist get away? Quick!!!
...we have to find where his hideout is...I think they're called cells...quick raise the threat level to orange...no...red...he's gotta be here somewhere...
He wasn't a terrorist? He was a McCain/Palin supporter?

He was at a republican political rally and got caught up in the moment? Say no more.

According to David Singleton of The Times Tribune:

"However, someone did shout out, "Kill him!" during Republican
congressional candidate Chris Hackett's remarks before Mrs. Palin
took the stage."

Please, hateful people of NEPA just say it. Get it off your chests. Prove that Gov. Rendell is correct about us. Just repeat after me, shout it out, look up into the heavens and scream:

"I'm not ready to vote for Barack Obama because he is black."

I forgot to mention, first forget that we are firmly in the 21st century.

Ok go.

Don't you feel better now?

Crack one open Joe Six Pack. You don't have to make up anymore lame excuses about why your a democrat voting for McCain. You can even admit that you don't think Obama is a terrorist or that he's muslim. Deep down you probably think he's smart and well spoken. But make no mistake, he's not getting your white vote.

I just have a few more questions that I need some help understanding if indeed the anonymous terrorist was serious about what he said. This is also for all those "democrats" voting for McCain who can substitute "not vote for" where it says "kill".

Why would someone want to kill an intelligent man who has put himself through some of the most difficult colleges in the world, graduating at the top of his class? (Sen. McCain graduated in the bottom 1% of his class)

Why would they want to kill a man who is sticking up for the little guy? I thought NEPA was filled with little guys? (Sen. McCain wants to cut taxes for his multi-millionaire buddies, just like Bush)

Why would they want to kill a man who wants to cut middle class taxes? (Sen. McCain wants to tax middle class health insurance)

Why would they want to kill a man who would stop the oil companies from getting more government money, while trying to put more money in our pockets? (Sen. McCain wants to give the oil companies MORE money because record profits just aren't enough)

Why would we want to kill a man who is interested in not only his kids but our kids ability to afford college? (Sen. McCain dosen't have much of a plan for higher education in the U.S.)*

Most of all why would they want to kill a man who personifies the American Dream?


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SNL is relevent again????

Saturday Night Live has enjoyed without a doubt the worst cast in the history of the show. The writing is also putrid. I watched a full episode one night and didn't laugh once. Not even a giggle. Not even a courtesy laugh, in fact I was so embarassed for the people marauding on stage I had to cringe. "Punchlines" were followed by a few seconds of dead air. I can only hope that the actors are usuing this time to ponder an SNL exit strategy. They clearly spend the rest of their day patting each other on the back for being on a TV show instead of rehearsing or writing things that are funny. I'm surprised the executives for the show haven't figured out a way to have a three second ad that plays after every punchline bombs.

Here's an exit strategy for the cast of SNL:

1) take an acting lesson
2) learn to act funny (it's clearly not innate)
3) sell out to Hollywood ASAP

At least that's what I would do if I were someone like Will Ferrell and had to carry an entire show on my back (and surely why he did leave).

I feel like I can go on forever.

Tina Fey was born with the god given talent of looking exactly like a vice-presidential candidate. This has somehow proped the show up for a few weeks. I can't wait to see what happens after November 4th. She dosen't even have to act, she only has to repeat whatever was said by Sarah Palin and I admit that it can be funny. It's funny only becuase the SNL writers can't screw up writing verbatim. I am 100% sure that anyone on the SNL cast that votes for Obama/Biden will be fired immediately.

Another thing that bothers me about today's SNL "cast" is the fact that they can never keep a straight face. It's almost like any time a joke resonates with the audience they can't contain their happiness. I thought that the idea was to say or do something funny to make the audience laugh, not do or say something funny to make yourself laugh. The person I blame for this is that guy from Fever Pitch. The one person I am glad sold out. Jimmy Fallon somehow thought that laughing while playing a part is the only way for him to get a laugh from the audience. Well, he was right. There was a reason he eventually only did the Weekend Update. I can hear it now "just read from the little monitor Jimmy, please don't try to act. "

In the golden days of SNL actors rarely broke from character and took great pride in not letting another actor's hilarity get the best of them. Imagine having to see John Belushi cut a 12 inch hoagie with a samurai sword and not laugh. Imagine Chris Farley saying his famous "lay off me, I'm starving" line and not laughing. The good actors did it. The actors of today don't even take comedy serious and are just happy to be there. Thank god that Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy weren't just happy to be there, at least now we have re-runs to laugh at.